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Aviation gamma spectrometer "GS-9"


The aviation gamma spectrometer "GS-9" is a complex of several autonomous devices with their own power supply. The field of application is ecology, radioecology, aerogeophysical service, radiological services, monitoring of ground, airspace and terrain, from various ground mobile means or from aircraft, with flight characteristics satisfying the requirements for spectral information collection, as well as in stationary mode.


The gamma radiation of radionuclides is detected by a detection unit located in a heat-resistant waterproof container.

The spectrometric information from the detection unit is recorded on the internal memory of the device and extracted at the end of the research.

The use of algorithms for processing instrumental spectra implemented in PC software allows obtaining data on radioisotope composition and volumetric activity for individual radionuclides.

Gamma-spectrometers "GS-9" are available in four versions

  • "GS-9C" - Scintillation detector NaI (Tl) Ø150x100 mm, spectrometer control with display on the                device itself
  • "GS-9D" - Scintillation detector NaI (Tl) Ø150x100 mm, control spectrometer with a laptop
  • "GS-9E" - Scintillation detector NaI (Tl) Ø200x100 mm, spectrometer control using the display on the device itself
  • "GS-9F" - Scintillation detector NaI (Tl) Ø200x100 mm, control spectrometer with a laptop


Models "GS-9C" and "GS-9E"

Spectrometric equipment Spectrometric equipment GS



Models "GS-9D" and "GS-9F"



airgamma spectrometer GS-9  Aviation gamma spectrometer "GS-9"




1 The relative energy resolution for 137Cs emission for each multichannel spectrum analyzer corresponds to GOST 27451-87.

2. The range of energies of the detected gamma radiation is from 0.05 to 3 MeV.

3. The transformation characteristic is linear. Integral nonlinearity - no more than 1%.

4. The instability of the conversion characteristic during continuous operation does not exceed 2.0%.

5. The maximum statistical input load is not less than 5 * 104 s-1.

6. The time for setting the operating mode - no more than 30 minutes.

7. Continuous operation time is not less than 8 hours.

8. Overall dimensions of the spectrometer - 350x350x500

9. The mass of the spectrometer is 18-24 kg.

10. The power of the spectrometer is supplied from the source by a DC voltage (battery) voltage of 10-15 V.

11. The power consumed by the spectrometer in the operating mode at a nominal voltage value of not more            than 5W.


  •     Spectrometer
  •     Power supply 15V
  •     Battery 12V, 7A*h
  •     Manual

The set of delivery can be supplemented or changed in accordance with the requirements of the Customer.



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