Underwater spectrometers


Universal underwater gamma spectrometers  "GS-5A"


Universal underwater gamma spectrometers

"GS-5A" and "GS-5B"


Underwater gamma spectrometers are designed to provide radiation monitoring, search for natural and technogenic radionuclides in fresh and sea water, as well as in bottom sediments. Measurements are carried out at depths of up to 100 m in a fully autonomous mode.


Gamma radiation of radionuclides is detected by the detection unit located in a heat-resistant waterproof container made of aluminum.

The spectrometric information from the detection unit is recorded on the internal memory of the device and extracted at the end of the research.

The use of algorithms for processing instrumental spectra implemented in PC software allows obtaining data on radioisotope composition and volumetric activity for individual radionuclides.

Underwater gamma spectrometers are available in two versions:

    "GS-5A" - Scintillation detector NaI (Tl) Ø63x63 mm
    "GS-5B" - Scintillation detector NaI (Tl) Ø150x100 mm


1 The relative energy resolution for 137Cs emission for each multichannel spectrum analyzer corresponds to GOST 27451-87.

2. The range of energies of the detected gamma radiation is from 0.05 to 3 MeV.

3. The transformation characteristic is linear. Integral nonlinearity - no more than 1%.

4. The instability of the conversion characteristic during continuous operation does not exceed 2.0%.

5. Time to set the operating mode - no more than 10 minutes.

6. Continuous operation time is not less than 8 hours.

7. Mass of the spectrometer - depends on additional equipment

8. The power of the spectrometer is supplied from the source by a DC voltage (battery) voltage of 10-15 V.

9. The power consumed by the spectrometer in the operating mode at a nominal voltage value of not more than 5 W.

10. The spectrometer is resistant to the influence of temperature and relative humidity in group B1, P1 GOST 27451-87.


  • The ability to perform measurements of the radiation characteristics of control objects at depths of up to 100 meters
  • Intelligent detection unit in a sealed container
  • Presentation of the results of measurements in the form of maps-schemes for the distribution of the content of controlled radionuclides or dose rate of gamma radiation
  • Automatic stabilization and thermocompensation of the measuring path
  • Preparation for operation and verification of parameters using a control sample based on potassium chloride with natural radionuclide 40K
  • The ability to record and store in the nonvolatile memory the measured hardware spectra, limited by the capacity of the memory cassette
  • The possibility of transferring a measured data array to a PC for subsequent detailed processing using specialized software


  •     Gamma-spectrometer
  •     Cable 100 m
  •     Power supply 15 V
  •     Manual

The set of delivery can be supplemented or changed in accordance with the requirements of the Customer.