Human screening spectrometer


Human screening spectrometer GS-11


Automated complex "SCREENER GS-11"


The automated complex "SCREENER GS-11" is designed to perform measurements of the content of incorporated radionuclides in the human body.

The complex allows:

  • To determine the quantitative and qualitative composition of radionuclides and their activity in the lungs, gastrointestinal tract, throughout the human body
  • Conduct a rapid monitoring of the entire body for the presence in it of ultra-low activity radionuclides (3-5 minutes)
  • To estimate the individual radiation dose load per person
  • Identify critical groups (risk groups) with increased radionuclide content
  • Choose the most effective sorption drugs or other methods of excretion of nuclides from the body.
  • Present the results in a printed version or on a computer screen.


  • Complex "SCREENER GS-11" was developed in Ukraine after the Chernobyl accident to measure the activity of gamma-emitting radionuclides in the human body and to perform express analysis in the treatment of patients.
  • Complex "SCREENER GS-11" is made as a comfortable chair, with a detector inside. The position of the detector is selected in such a way as to detect the radiation of gamma radionuclides from all parts of the human body. Complex "SCREENER GS-11" is a unique device, allowing to conduct absolutely safe diagnostics. It uses modern methods of rapid detection of radioactive isotopes.
  • Complex "SCREENER GS-11" was awarded the Gold Medal at the International Medical Forum of Innovative Technologies in Brussels.




Detector - scintillation

NaI (Tl), Ø120 x 80 mm

The range of recorded energies

0,05-3,0 MeV

MDA Cs-137 in the human body

  ≤ 200 Bq

Range of measurable activity of incorporated radionuclides

0,20-555 kBq

Recording radionuclides

Am, Cs, Co, Ru, K and others

Energy resolution according to Cs-137

7,5 %

Maximum statistical input

104 c-1

Time to go into operating mode

 10 min

The effectiveness of rapid monitoring

15 person/h

Continuous operation time

24 h

Instability of characteristics

less than 2 %

Integral nonlinearity

less than 1,0 %

Operating temperature range

from 10 ° to 35 °

Permissible humidity

below 75 %

Power Supply Parameters

220 V, 50 ± 2 Hz


1400 x 800 x 1100 mm


100 kg



Detection of gamma-emitting isotopes: Am, Cs, Co, Ru, Eu, K, with the possibility of expanding the range of investigated radionuclides.

Automatic provision of the necessary accuracy of individual assessment of radiation doses.

Automatic adaptation to various background conditions.

Helps develop methods for the prevention of post radiation effects.

Assessment of negative impact on the population and collection of information for the implementation of rehabilitation activities among the population

Allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of restorative treatment.

Assessment of the correlation between radiation exposure and medical consequences for the population

The possibility to use the device in a stationary version in the hospital and from the mobile units of the hospital (in special vehicles).

There is no need to train highly qualified operators

The device is adapted to the Japanese market. Dialogue with the operator is in Japanese. Measurements are conducted in accordance with the requirements of local legislation (radiation standards).


GS spectrometr



  •      Diagnostic armchair
  •      Detection unit
  •      "SCREENER GS-11" software
  •      Manual

The delivery set can be supplemented or changed in accordance with the Customer's requirement.