Tritium controling and monitoring system


Tritium monitoring and monitoring system    Tritium monitoring and monitoring system GS


Tritium monitoring and monitoring system "TRiUMF"


The "TRiUMF" system is designed to measure the specific activity of tritium and carbon-14 for their beta radiation in environmental objects, biological samples and technological environments of nuclear power plants.

The system allows to remotely and automatically perform radiation monitoring and monitoring of the content of tritium and carbon-14 in the air and water environments at industrial emissions sites from enterprises and nuclear power plants.

Unique algorithms for processing the spectra of ionizing radiation provide identification and identification with a high probability.


The "TRiUMF" system is designed in accordance with the principle of the analysis of results according to the coincidence scheme realized on the basis of two photoelectric multipliers (PMTs). Such a construction of the system makes it possible to achieve a reduction in the noise level in the low energy region.


The main technical characteristics of the product:

1. The efficiency of tritium registration is more than 60%;

2. The efficiency of carbon-14 registration is more than 90%;

3. Own background for tritium - less than 20 imp / min .;

4. Own background on carbon-14 - less than ZO imp. / Min .;

5. Minimal activity in tritium - 12 cpm;

6. The minimum activity for carbon is 8 imp. / Min .;

 7. Sensitivity - 1 Bq / l;

 8. Instability of the calibration characteristic of the conversion per hour of continuous                                          operation does not exceed 2%;

 9. Range of radiation energies from 5 to 1500 eV;

 10. Energy dependence in the range from 0.06 - 1.5 MeV ± 25%;

 11. The maximum input statistical load is not more than 10,000 cps.


The "TRiUMF" system can be used as part of a laboratory for the analysis of samples containing tritium and carbon-14, based on a liquid scintillator.


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