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Spectrometers for food control Portable Workstation GS


Portable Workstation FOOD LIGHT



Portable workstation is designed to measure the volume (specific) activity of gamma-emitting radionuclides Cs-137, Cs-134, K-40, Ra-226, Th-232 liquid, viscous, loose food and non-food samples, at the level of allowable concentrations and below, without the preparation of samples by chemical isolation and concentration in laboratory and production conditions



FOOD LIGHT - a high-sensitivity measuring device, designed for measurements in stationary and mobile conditions.

FOOD LIGHT is the best combination of sensors and meters with know-how, using original software and algorithms for processing pulses.

The device has a very high sensitivity and stability of the measurement results.

Our instruments have a wide spectral range of measurements, which increases the possibility of determining various types of radionuclides.

We use electronic components from leading manufacturers - Hamamatsu, Intel, Altera, which are highly reliable, easily programmable, have a high level of integration and low power consumption.

The technical solutions implemented in this device ensure a service life of at least 10 years and a failure time of at least 10,000 hours. All this makes FOOD LIGHT the leader among such devices.



1. Measurement range of specific (volumetric) activity:

    When measuring Cs-137 ..................... 3 - 12000 Bq / kg;
    When measuring K-40 ........................ 50 - 12000 Bq / kg;
    When measuring Ra-226 ....................15 - 12000 Bq / kg;
    When measuring Th-232 .................... 10 - 12000 Bq / kg.

2. The minimum detected activity for Cs-137 is 2 Bq / l.

3. Express - measurements VA (OA) per hour of measurement (1 - 5) xv.

4. The standard volume of the measuring samples in the Marinelli vessel is (1.00 ± 0.01) l.

5. Measurement and processing of measurement results is carried out automatically. The information output is carried out on the liquid crystal display in Bq / kg, Bq / l.

6. The actual values of the measured activity are displayed continuously, and their updating is carried out every 2 minutes.

7. When measuring PA, the sample weight in grams is entered by the operator.

8. The time for setting the operating mode is not more than 30 minutes.

9. Continuous operation time - not less than 24 hours. The instability of the radiometer readings for 24 hours of continuous operation is not more than 5%.

10. It is possible to connect the PC to get the full spectrum from the Own background - no more than 6 imp / s.

12. Simple and easy to use.

13. The package includes a vessel Marinelli (4 pcs.).

14. Mean time between failures - not less than 4000 hours.

15. Weight, kg, not more than - 100:

16. The radiometer is designed for operation in the following conditions:

    Ambient temperature from 10 to 35 ° C;
    Relative air humidity up to 75% at an ambient temperature of 30 ° C.
    Atmospheric pressure 84.0 - 106.7 kPa (630-800) mm Hg.

17. Power supply of the radiometer - from the alternating current network (220 + 15, - 20%) V (50-2) Hz.

The limits of the additional error when the supply voltage varies with the above tolerances do not exceed 10%.

18. The device was approved with satisfactory conclusions in the Central State Laboratory of Veterinary Medicine of the Ministry of Agroindustrial Industry of Ukraine ( 150 from 18.03.02), certified, entered in the state register of measuring instruments of Ukraine (# U 553-95).

19. The device is manufactured since 1995. Every 2 years the device is presented for state control tests, which are conducted by employees of UkrCSM.



  • The device has a color indication. In the measuring range up to 40 Bq the green indicator is on, in the measurement range from 40 to 100 Bq the yellow indicator lights up, in the range above 100 Bq the red indicator lights up.
  • Measuring ranges are controlled by the operator.
  • The device is adapted to the Japanese market. Dialogue with the operator is in Japanese. Measurements are conducted in accordance with the requirements of local legislation (radiation standards).
  • The device has a very important function - a quick sorting of the measured samples. FOOD LIGHT allows, without waiting for the end of the measurement, to identify the contaminated product!



  •     Appliance
  •     Marinelli vessel (4 pcs.)
  •     manual

The set of delivery can be supplemented or changed in accordance with the requirements of the Customer.