Software development

Company GAMMASPECTRO offers the following software development services:

  •     Development of systems for their integration
  •     Development of technical specifications
  •     Software development
  •     Development of databases
  •     Driver development
  •     Designing the user interface
  •     Technical consulting
  •     Graphic design



Company GAMMASPECTRO, together with its partner, the Institute of Environmental Geochemistry of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, conducts product testing in such areas as construction, agriculture, medicine and others. Our laboratory employs qualified specialists in the field of radio spectrometry, the tests are performed on spectrometric equipment, which has high technical and metrological characteristics. We are interested in an objective evaluation of the results obtained by you and are ready to help find and eliminate the reasons for possible discrepancies.

Objects of radiation monitoring:

  •     Residential and industrial areas
  •     Territory of building sites
  •     Soil, soil, bottom sediments, rocks
  •     Drinking water
  •     Sources of drinking water supply
  •     Industrial water
  •     Snow
  •     Air in the work area
  •     Air of residential and office premises
  •     Buildings, industrial premises
  •     Workplaces
  •     Scrap of ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  •     Scrap ship
  •     Solid construction, industrial and other wastes
  •     Objects monitoring surface contamination
  •     Building materials of natural and artificial origin
  •     Building construction
  •     Industrial waste
  •     Mineral and organic raw materials and products of its processing
  •     Food raw materials and food products
  •     Meat and meat products, eggs and their products
  •     Milk and dairy products
  •     Fish, non-fish fisheries and products derived from them
  •     Grain (seeds) and bakery products
  •     Sugar and confectionery
  •     Fruit and vegetable products
  •     Oilseeds and fat products
  •     beverages
  •     Biological active food additives
  •     Baby food products
  •     Wood for industrial, cultural and household products
  •     Secondary forest resources
  •     Seeds for growing seedlings of trees and shrubs
  •     Staff, the human body
  •     Objects of oil and gas complex
  •     Veterinary supervision facilities and products of their processing
  •     Feed and feed additives
  •     fodder
  •     Buildings, rooms with X-ray sources
  •     Devices and installations that are the source of X-ray radiation